20+ FigJam cursor-chat trigger words and 5 secret emotes

I was once in a meeting where a designer was demo-ing some recent work they wanted feedback on. They put their mockups in a FigJam file for me and the team to look at.

The designer was explaining the project to us. One thing they mentioned was that there was some tension between product and brand about the copy that brand wanted to use on a button label. I used cursor chat to say “spicy”—next thing I know the background of my cursor chat bubble shifted to a red/orange gradient and fire emojis erupted out of the top!

I was so excited that I spent lunch I trying to find all the trigger words I possibly could. And wow did I find a bunch! Over twenty! All neatly organized here, with accompanying GIFs.

Use these to spice up your next cursor chat convo and impress your fellow jam-mates. Note that these only seem to work in FigJam and not Figma.

Standard emote trigger words

All the emotes in this section are also accessible through FigJam's emote-picker wheel.

Fire emotes

Trigger word:

  • Rad

Laugh emotes

Trigger words:

  • lol (and extended “lolllll”, surprisingly, “loooool” doesn’t work)
  • haha
  • hehe
  • lmao
  • lmfao

Surprise emotes

Trigger words:

  • omg
  • shook

Sad emotes

Trigger words:

  • oh no
  • uh oh

Heart-eye emotes

Trigger words:

  • love
  • gorgeous
  • beautiful

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Secret emote trigger words

These emotes are special. They can't be accessed through the emote-picker wheel, and (as far as I know) can only be accessed by using specific cursor chat trigger words.

Fire gradient + emotes

Trigger words:

  • Hot
  • Fire
  • Spicy


Trigger words:

  • !! for small shakes
  • !!! for big shakes
  • !!!! or more for super big shakes

Sunglass emotes

Trigger words:

  • Chill
  • Swag

Gift box emotes

Trigger word:

  • gift


My personal favorite.

  • Slick
  • Shiny

That's it! Remember if you're on a QWERTY layout keyboard (standard in the United States), the keyboard shortcut is <span class="inline-code">/</span>. If you have a different keyboard arrangement, check out Figma's documentation for your keyboard's cursor-chat shortcut.

Enjoy impressing your team with your expressive cursor-chat skills!