Alice Packard's resume

This version of my resume (yes, I have lifted's design, I think it's fantastic) is more complete and detailed than the print-version of my resume, which is optimized for a single 8.5 x 11 inch page.

💼 Work experience

since Jul 2021

Design Operations Associate at Gartner

Lead contributor for the organization’s first formal design system. Mapped out a Figma library ecosystem to show how existing libraries related, and what new libraries we needed to mature the system. Built and styled over 100 foundational components that supported 4 brands for a multi-brand library. I developed and coordinated a peer-review process between myself and product designers to run a quality check of components before publishing. Hosted regular office hours to socialize the system among delivery teams and get feedback on component usability.

Built a fully custom user experience research repository using Coda. This repo contained all of the UXR team’s findings and recommendations across every study. Designers, product folks, and engineers could filter across this data set to inform OKRs and align on a shared UX vision.

Enhanced one of our product’s Figma libraries by: introducing auto layout, improving and standardizing property names, and optimizing the layer structure for successful and safe overrides. Over 100 components were improved, allowing designers to work faster and more accurately. This library sees over 30K monthly component inserts across 10 teams working on the business’s most lucrative product (a software reviews website).

Translated a 50+ page InDesign research findings deck template file into a set of Figma components and template file. This tool switch drastically cut down on researchers’ peer review time.

Oct 2019 — Jun 2021

Product Design Prototyper at FiscalNote

Collaborated with product designers, user researchers, data scientists, and product managers to design and iterate on high fidelity prototypes using Figma and Axure. These prototypes focused on new concepts for the company’s flagship product that helped professionals track legislation and regulations that impacted their organization. I contributed to the design of features like social media monitoring, and a connected experience across the product suite.

Crafted a user research operations ecosystem that coupled day-to-day task management with historical records of our work so we could better forecast and scope out future initiatives (e.g. tracking who we met with, recruitment costs, how much work went into initiatives, etc.)

Collaborated with user researchers to create a system of codes in Dovetail used to qualitatively analyze and then compare data across research initiatives, products, and user personas. This code system aided our team in answering highly specific questions anyone in the business had about our customers on the fly.

Sep 2017 — Sep 2019

Designer at Brunch Digital

Spearheaded an effort to improve our web design project process by standardizing the way Sketch files were organized. Collaborated closely with both our design and development teams to identify pain points in our legacy process and account for them in our new process.

Co-led a summer internship program. Wrote the on-boarding handbook, and designed the structure of the program. Helped our design intern define her goals and her long-term summer project, held check-in meetings with her on her progress, and led software training sessions for the entire intern cohort.

📜 Certifications

earned Feb 2023
earned Nov 2022

Coda Doctorate Program

Check out my capstone project: a Figma library buddy doc. It helps teams capture a richer publication history of their library files.

🧰 Tools

enjoying since 2018


My fav. In case you missed it, I keep a blog about Figma components!

enjoying since 2020

I've built interactive documentation, task and project trackers, retro docs that feel like web-apps, interactive data repositories, status-update formatters, dashboards, and a very personal grocery list app.

enjoying since 2019


This very website is built on Webflow!

enjoying since 2021


In addition to my blog, I run a newsletter so I can connect with my readers.

love/hate since 2013

Adobe Creative Suite

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop (PS is where it all began. And yes it was a bootleg copy... I started with v7.0 around 2008).

🎒 Education

class of 2017

BA in Graphic Design from American University

American U's graphic design program featured a web & digital interaction track, and a print media track. I was interested in both, but (like most of my peers) ultimately specialized in web. My all-time favorite course was a film photography class where I learned to shoot 35mm, process my film, and print in the dark room.

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