Future employer, is it really you??

Howdy! I'm Alice. I do design operations. I want to get your UX team a strong tool stack, solid processes, and excellent documentation that makes them stoked to fire up their computers and crush their goals 💥 Let's work together!

What I can do for you

I want to help your UX team fall in love with their craft all over again. I'm interested in roles that let me build internal tools, help shape processes, and create valuable resources for your UX team. I enjoy helping people get good work done and have a good time doing it.

This can take many shapes depending on the team's needs. If you want to see how I do this for my current team, check out my resume.

What your company can do for me

  • Have non-men and non-white folks in leadership roles
  • Care about building a diverse team
  • Have other design operations practitioners, ideally seniors who are excited to mentor me
  • Have product, design, UX research, and engineering teams that are eager to collaborate together
  • Have clear professional development budgets for individual employees
  • Have an HR department
  • Run programs that combat burn-out and meeting fatigue (e.g. summer-Fridays, no-meeting-days, etc.)
  • Provide generous vacation, sick-leave (separate from other PTO), parental leave, and 401K match
  • Offer a remote position (even if I'm close to an office)

More about me

I've built thousands of Figma components for UX teams. I care about component usability, for customers and designers. I give a damn about naming, file hygiene, and building systems that last. I've also got loads of experience building templates and internal tools for UX researchers. I'm talking end-to-end research process support. From planning a study, to capturing data, alllll the way to wrapping the learnings up in handsome presentation decks. I love pairing with designers and researchers in their day to day work so I can see first hand what's working and what's not.

Check out my resume for the nitty gritty of my career experience and skill set.

Want to work together?

If you think I'd mesh will with your team and their needs, reach out through the form below.

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Shout out to my fellow AU alumnus, the wicked talented front-end engineer Ally Palanzi, for inspiring this webpage 💖