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11 ways to make your Figma components more delightful to useUpdated
May 12, 2022
Designers strive to make usable products. And components are themselves tiny products... let's make 'em usable!
When you should use variants VS creating separate componentsUpdated
Variants and component swapping offer different advantages. Learn how to reach for the right tool when building your component library.
This is probably why your Figma variant's "size" property isn't workingUpdated
"it works fine on the canvas, but not when it's nested inside another component?!"
There are only 3 ways to build components in FigmaUpdated
The techniques are: "basic", "starter-kit", and "slot"
Methods for building and managing your Figma componentsUpdated
Confidently choose a building method that will benefit you in the future
Review: Kitchen Sink Figma component architectureUpdated
Let's look at the tradeoffs between file performance and component management and maintence that come with this method of building components
4 signals that something should definitely be a componentUpdated
Spoiler: almost everything you make should be a component... almost...
Yes, there actually IS a way to add layers to instances of Figma componentsUpdated
According to Figma’s documentation this isn’t possible, but I’ve found a way to get around it. No plugin required.
What's the optimal level of detail for a wireframe?Updated
No matter how much time you're spending on a wireframe, you need it to effectively communicate an idea. How do you optimize for fidelity?
Figma web browser mockup resourceUpdated
Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, for both Windows and Mac, all utilizing Figma's auto-layout feature
Beer label case study on the horizon...Updated
I'm too excited about this project to not publish something right now
I cleaned up my site stylesUpdated
Upgrading from willy-nilly class names to B-E-M naming conventions