A close up head-shot portrait of Alice, looking directly into the camera. She's very pale, keeps her dark brunette hair short, has green eyes, wears transparent, thin-framed round glasses, and has a lazy eye (which thankfully isn't drifting as much as usual in this photo). Though she's not smiling, she's trying to put out a friendly vibe with her eyes.

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Alice Packard

📍 Washington, DC
I am actively seeking a new full-time role. hit me up.

I'm a design operations practitioner with a knack for design systems.

I've been doing DesignOps formally since mid 2021, but informally since 2018. I've home-brewed UX research repositories, glowed-up onboarding experiences, but I'm most proud of my work as a Figma component librarian. Or janitor... both? Both. You can see more of my work on my portfolio.

I'm committed to understanding not just the mechanics of each Figma feature, but how to employ them strategically. This gets me the most out of my Figma license today, and prepares me for whatever tool may come next.

I like helping people. That's why I do Design Ops! I also keep a blog. I write about building excellent Figma components, and working smarter in the tool. If you want to nerd out with me about Figma I'd love to have you on my newsletter list. If you just want to chat, get in my inbox! Seeing a note from you will brighten my day 💖 I love meeting folks from the internet.

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