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A black and white portrait of Alice Packard

Alice Packard

Figma component janitor | Washington, DC

I'm a Design Operations practitioner keen on providing designers with the highest quality Figma components possible. When I have the choice to work fast, I don't. I believe in investing intentionally slow, meticulous work up front so my team and I can work faster later and with more predictability. I enjoy writing about ways of working in Figma and how to best take advantage of its native features.

I am not taking on new freelance work at the moment, but I’m always down to chat. I love talking about tools, especially Figma and Coda, and learning about Design Operations, and systems thinking. Send me a note if you want to connect.

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Beer label artwork

for Red Bear Brewing Company 🍻

DC’s first gay and veteran owned brewery needed beer labels for their fan-favorites. I designed 10 custom-illustrated labels that position the brewery's mascot, Ursula, in scenes that showcase each beer's unique flavor.

Illustration collection

for various clients

A selection of my illustration work.

Logo collection

for various clients

A selection of logos I’ve designed.

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