Component tune-up service 🛠️

Stop wasting time wrestling with auto layout, variables, and variants. Let me handle that while you focus on actually doing the design work you're paid to do.

Component tune-up details

Validation variable collection .fig

Reduce variant sets of form elements by 4x, improve component usability, and encourage you and your team to think more like programmers do... by moving your validation styling out of variants and into a dedicated variable collection! Get a copy of my demo .fig file to explore how it all works (and it's color theme compatible).

Buy the .fig validation variable collection file

Or you can read the blog post to learn how to set it up yourself!

I saw what you did in Figma 😈

But fear not! You've come to the right corrupt prie—AHEM—place! I can save you, my child, for I am bringing back... indulgences.

Your indulgence arrives to you in the form of a slick ✨ personalized ✨ trading-card-esque PDF that can be used as a defensive shield during the next design twitter shouting match!

This not-a-joke product is ABSOLUTELY worth every cent of your hard-earned money. As we all know, the next mouth-frothing rage fest will, as history has shown us time and time again, undoubtedly be about very important things.

Maybe you stay far away from such ruckuses, but you've got a friend who always winds up in the mosh pit... buy one for them! 🎁 A truly elite gift.