I saw what you did in Figma... 😈

But fear not! You've come to the right corrupt prie—AHEM—place! I can save you, my child, for I am bringing back... indulgences.

Your indulgence arrives to you in the form of a slick ✨ personalized ✨ trading-card-esque PDF that can be used as a defensive shield during the next design twitter shouting match!

This not-a-joke product is ABSOLUTELY worth every cent of your hard-earned money. As we all know, the next mouth-frothing rage fest will, as history has shown us time and time again, undoubtedly be about very important things.

Maybe you stay far away from such ruckuses, but you've got a friend who always winds up in the mosh pit... buy one for them! 🎁 A truly elite gift.